Do you have other social media?

I have Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, BlogLovin’, & Tumblr! Let’s be friends!

Is (insert company name here) cruelty free/vegan/etc.?

Please try to Google this information or check the company’s website first before asking this. That is what I will do to get you a proper source if you ask and it would save us both some time.

What companies are cruelty free & offer vegan options?/What companies are 100% vegan?

Lucky for both of us, the lovely Tashina over at Logical Harmony has dedicated countless hours of her time to put this list together! How cool is that? I offer a list of cruelty free brands with vegan options as well, but I only include brands I have tried myself. You can find that list here.

What ingredients should I look out for while shopping for vegan cosmetics?

It can be tricky shopping for cruelty free and vegan cosmetics, especially if you don’t know what ingredients to avoid! Tashina over at Logical Harmony has put this super handy list together!

How can I learn more about being cruelty free?

Check out websites like…

What are some other good vegan/cruelty free cosmetic blogs?

Who is this blog run by?

This blog one person show! I run it by myself and I really enjoy what I do! If you’d like to know more about me, check out my “About Me” page!

Why did my comment get deleted/never posted/edited?

If a comment is deleted or not posted at all, it may be because it was inappropriate or mean. It may also be because it was picked up by spam filter before I got to it! I ONLY ever edit comments to remove affiliate links. I do not allow people to post their own affiliate links on my page because I find it unfair to do so.

How can I contact you?

You can email me at Erin@cruelty-free-cosmetics.com

I have products I would like you to review for me!

Fabulous! Please shoot me an email at Erin@cruelty-free-cosmetics.com with the details and we can discuss it!

Does your blog contain affiliate links?/ What are affiliate links?

Occasionally my blog will contain affiliate links. These are links that are given to me by a company for an affiliate or ambassador program. I get commission from purchases made from these links. They are legitimate links from the company itself. Although some companies may give me these links and promo codes, all things that I say about their product are my own personal opinion. Here is a list of the companies I am affiliated with. You can really help me out and keep this blog running by using my links and promo codes!

Are these reviews your own opinions?

Although some companies may send me items as gifts to review, give me discounts on their products, or affiliate links, these reviews are based off of my own personal opinion and are in no way influenced by the generosity of these companies.

What is BeFrugal?

BeFrugal is a cashback site, much like Ebates (also awesome but tends to offer less cash back)! It is 100% legitimate, I use it every time I shop! Plus, their customer service is amazing. All you have to do is sign up and log onto your account before making online purchases and you can get cash back from shopping at some of your favorite stores! If you sign up using my personal referral link, you get a free $5 sign-up bonus! Some examples of cosmetic brands that BeFrugal gives cash back for are…