Cruelty Free Brands

This is not an all-inclusive list of cruelty free brands, this is just the one’s I’ve tried & blogged about in the past! Click on a company name to see my posts about them (for now, these link to posts on my old blog).

*Please keep in mind that not all of these brands are 100% vegan friendly, but they do have vegan options.

= 100% vegan brand



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Are you looking for a company I have blogged about, but isn’t on this list? Let me know so I can fix it or let you know why it does not appear on this list!

Tip: Try using ctrl+f (command+f on a mac) and type in what you’re looking for to help you find things on this list!

*Some companies that I have blogged about in the past may have been intentionally excluded from this list due to having a questionable or misleading cruelty free or vegan status.