Alba Paris True Beauty is Cruelty Free Tee

I am loving my True Beauty is Cruelty Free tee from Alba Paris! I adore her vegan animal activist designs!

How awesome is this “True Beauty is Cruelty Free” tee from Alba Paris? I’m literally obsessed!

Keep reading to find out more about Alba Paris and why I love this shirt.

What you need to know: Alba Paris makes a super cool range of vegan and animal activist prints for shirts, bags, posters, and more. I’ve personally spoken to the owner of this company multiple times and she is such a lovely person inside and out. She even donates a portion of all proceeds to a different animal charity each month!

What it does: This tee shirt helps you spread the important message of being compassionate, cruelty free, and vegan while looking super cute and trendy.

My thoughts: I love, love, love this shirt! I adore the message that is on it as well. I love Alba Paris’ designs because they help you spread an important message while still looking super cute and trendy at the same time. Another thing I love about Alba Paris is that her designs is that she does not use gross, graphic images for “shock factor”. She uses her own, unique drawing along with quotes and phrases to help get the message across. This shirt really soft and fits well (true to size). Honestly, if I was a little more brave, I would LOVE this print as a tattoo. How awesome would that be!

Pros: Vegan, cruelty free, cute, comfy, soft material, great message | Cons: None!

Do you adore this tee? Let me know in the comments section below!

Disclosure: The products featured in this post were given to me as a gift to review. Regardless of this fact, this review is my own personal opinion.

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